What can we do about the 65 million displaced and 10 million of Stateless people around the world? It was the question raised by José Rodrigues dos Santos, journalist at RTP, the Portuguese broadcasting service, during the third morning of the Estoril Conferences 2017.

Alexander Betts, from the Centre for Refugees Studies at Oxford University, Lord Michael Hastings, Global thinker and member of KPMG and Teresa Anjinho former Portuguese secretary of State for Justice. 

“Countries in development, such as Jordan, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Turkey, Uganda en Kenya opened their boarders to over 60 per cent of existing Refugees in the world, despite being the less economically prepared to receive them”, Alexander Bretts said. 
Bretts also reminded the audience that Angela Merkel had to change her Refugee policy, after having opened Germany’s boarders to over a million people. Her policy became tougher. 
“This policy from Merkel had a very negative influence around the world. Kenya, for example, decided to expel around 300 thousand Refugees from the country”.
Bretts also pointed out the Humanitarian approach currently being used when deal with these issues should be replaced by an integration approach. 
Lord Michael Hastings said inequalities among Refugees determine their future in the countries they travel to. “If you are wealthy you can by your citizenship in a random Caribbean Island. But those not that fortunate remain alienated.”
For Teresa Anjinho, “the European system of response has failed” and we must go from seeing things from a vulnerability stand point to one of capacity building.”
Anjinho concluded “we are so concerned with protection that we forget which values should be the core of our actions.”

The Estoril Conferences initiative (now in its 5th year) has become a dialogue cluster for leaders, thinkers and opinion makers from around the world, aimed at responding to issues related to Globalization. The Estoril Conferences are organized by the Estoril Institute for Global Dialogue, with the support of the Cascais Municipality and of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic. The 2017 edition takes place between May 29th and 31th, at the Estoril Congress Center, in Cascais.

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