The Estoril Conferences has proposed the creation of a new document for international travelers in need, the Global Safety Passport, which could be fundamental for Refugees.

The EC 2017 vowed the United Nations and all of its member States to engage in the creation of this Global Safety Passport, which could grant the Right of Safe Passage to all of those who wish to grant Asylum in a foreign territory, in what is seen as an opportunity to save lives.

The GSP would be integrated in the Diplomatic Passport category and could be hold by travelers in danger, to be presented to the border patrol agents and authorities part of the countries of transit. The Passport would also work as a document to grant access to countries of destination.

The GSP goal is to provide a safe and legal travel to all of those looking for a rightful international protection, avoiding being victims and Human traffickers, dangerous travelling in illegal systems, such as overcrowded boats and the dangers of border crossing. 

The document wants to assure the Right to a Safe Passage, as demanded by several NGOs and by the UNHCR, in a bid to increase the protection of Human beings.

Nowadays and taken into account the current Refugee situation, the process of granting Asylum to an individual works almost like a lottery: one needs to pay Human traffickers, to put his or her family lives at risk, to travel in overcrowded and fragile boats in degrading and inhumane conditions, to be able to cross protected borders and, finally, to be granted Asylum at their country of destination. Only those lucky enough to overcome all those obstacles will be considered for Asylum. The Right to Asylum is a Basic Universal Right and can work be processed as a lottery would, depending on luck or on the lack of it. 

Teresa Violante, Chairwoman of the Estoril Conferences said the request, sent in a letter addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, will “grant the migrants the right to a Safe Passage, while it respects the sovereignty of different States”. Violante asked everyone to take part in the challenge that it the creation of the GSP, in order to help solving concrete problems of individuals”.

“We are here to change the World and we don’t want anything less than that”, Teresa Violante said. She insisted on how important it is to put an end to the Refugees’ current situation, Refugees who continue being forced to travel thousands of kilometers in a way that puts their lives and their families’ lives at risk.”

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