The Estoril Conferences are one of the partners of the “International Security Management Knowledge Alliance” (ISM-KA) is a European Project funded within the Erasmus+ Programme, which aims at addressing the current global issues by creating sustainable and concrete resources and structures to foster international security collaborations. Moreover, the ISM-KA project will establish an international learning, teaching and knowledge-sharing environment for the development and professionalization of leadership, innovation and operational proficiency in the field of international safety and security.

Main objectives of the Project are the delivery of a Horizon Scanning for security threats/development, a Security Multilogue Platform built around a brand-new executive Master Degree program for public and private security experts, and some MOOCs on selected topics for outreach to the wider public.

The ISM-KA will be present at the Estoril Conferences to develop a workshop on “Targeting international security threats – How can civil society play an active role??”. During the workshop, Professor Gabriele Jacobs [The Netherlands], and Dr Rex Degnegaard [Denmark], will present how new models of engagement are essential in successfully targeting international security threats. Workshop participants will be engaged during the workshop to share insights on already initiated projects, ideas for further development, and suggestions to how processes of engaging civil society can be improved.

This workshop builds on International Security Management Knowledge Alliance which has the aim to actively engage society in dealing with security threats.

May 29th 2017 | 9.30am-11.30am |Room Bridge in Hotel Palácio

Remark: The ISMKA workshop is an Estoril Conferences parallel event and it is free of charge. Please take in consideration that it will not give access to the Estoril Conferences main program unless previous purchase of ticket.


A Business Approach for Landscape Restoration and Global Migration


The Estoril Conferences are one of the renowned partners in the European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education (ENABLE) – a strategic partnership co-funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme that develops education on integrated landscape management based on sustainable business models.

The ENABLE consortium will develop various education tools and other means to raise a new generation of professionals equipped with the skills and knowledge required to restore landscapes and return social, cultural, and financial returns to society while doing so.  

For this, it has launched a MOOC in COURSERA – Land Restoration for Sustainable Development: A Business Approach targeted at business students and professionals to create awareness about the functioning of ecosystems and the benefits of sustainable landscape management.

Linking Migration, Land Degradation and Land Restoration: potential for sustainable livehoods

The ENABLE Consortium will participate at the Estoril Conferences and take this international stage to develop a workshop under the theme Linking Migration, Land Degradation and Land Restoration: potential for sustainable livehoods which will illustrate connections between migration, climate change, land degradation and (business driven) landscape restoration.

With speakers from Portugal, Netherlands, Iceland, Nigeria and Mongolia this workshop will connect academic and practical knowledge from worldwide case studies which will spark the debate on how to reverse the effects of climate change by large-scale landscape restoration, while providing people better livelihood and living conditions. Examples of sustainable land management, regenerative and climate smart agriculture are given to show the importance of a holistic approach and multi-stakeholder partnerships that render 4 returns: hope & inspiration, social capital, natural capital and financial capital.

Workshop “Linking Migration, Land Degradation and Land Restoration: potential for sustainable livehoods”

May 31st from 3pm to 6pm in Sala Sintra @ Hotel Palácio

Remarks: This event if free of charge. Attending this event will not give you access to the Estoril Conferences main program unless previous purchase of tickets.

To learn more about ENABLE:


For additional questions -  enable@rsm.nl