Created by the Organization of the Estoril Conferences in 2013, the Estoril Local Answers Award (ELAA) is an award of ten thousand euros granted to a project, initiative or practice that helps raise awareness and solve global challenges at a local level.

This opportunity is there for Youth, Institutions, Entrepreneurs and Communities at large to show that they have the power to make significant changes.

The winner of each ELAA edition will be presenting the project to the Estoril Conferences audience so that it can create the necessary conditions for potential future investments and general recognition for their results.

See Rules for Elegibility here

In the previous ELAA editions, the winners were the MDV – Movement for the Defense of Life that won the prize in 2013 and Mar de Oportunidades of Aporvela in the 2015 edition. 

Winner 2015
Aporvela with Mar de Oportunidades, a project to youth at risk of social exclusion.
Mar de Oportunidades is a partnership between Aporvela and Casa Pia de Lisboa that emerged as an excellent opportunity to promote the development of young people, among which are those who are at serious risk of social exclusion.
This partnership was focused on a set of young people who may, through this project, find new meanings of life and choose a professional career at Sea.

Winner 2013
MDV – Movement for the Defense of Life (Institution of Social Solidarity, Portugal)
This project supports children at risk through intervention in families in crisis with the aim of avoiding the institutionalization of minors, seeking to offer alternatives and to help the families change behaviors that may lead to minors being removed. It tries to reduce ties of dependency in relation to community services and develop skills in the most vulnerable population.
Since the beginning of the project, 728 families were referred to MDV, involving 1578 children.